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How to Make Beer Taste Better

How To Make Beer Taste Better

Have you ever tried a beer only to find out that it doesn’t live up to your expectations? Whether it is too bitter or too plain, there are many ways to manipulate your beer to make it ideal for you. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. While we highlight the best beers near you, we know sometimes all you have to choose from is bad beer. So we have a few tips on how to make beer taste better.

Enjoy Bad Beer

Different people have different tastes, and the only thing we care about is that you enjoy your beer, no matter how you drink it. After all, we get that commercially brewed beers that you might be served at parties or events don’t taste that good. With summer right around the corner, learning how to dress up your beer is must-have knowledge for the next time you find yourself drinking a brew that you don’t particularly enjoy. Make sure to read this article until the end to find out the various ways you can “lift” a plain or off-tasting beer.

Tips to Make Beer Taste Better

The next 6 tips include how to serve, but also some things to add to bad beer.

1. Find the Correct Glass

beer glass

One of the main reasons that you might not be enjoying your beer is that you’re not sipping it from the right beer glass. There are many different types of beer glasses that help accentuate each style’s flavors. For example, if you’re drinking an IPA from a beer mug, you’ll find that it’s hard to appreciate its aromatic profile. Beer mugs are made to reduce heat transfer and are mostly used to serve beers that don’t have distinct aromas. Try pouring your IPA into an American Pint glass and you’ll surely get its unique scents. Having the right glass for your IPA can make a huge difference, but if you still don’t like the taste, then there are many ingredients that you can add to it.

2. Add Fruit

This is a well-known method, as many pubs serve beers with a slice of some sort of citrus fruit on the bottle. This is because beers, especially light ones, can taste somewhat plain. Adding a slice of lemon or orange can make the beer more tasteful. If you feel like it, you can try adding different fruits. I personally enjoy adding a couple of pineapple slices to my glass when I’m served a dull-tasting commercial beer. Be careful though because not all beers match with fruit. Pairing citrus fruits with porters or stouts will only make them taste worse. Think of it as mixing chocolate with lemon juice.

3. Add Salt to Beer

sea salt

There are many craft breweries all over the world that add sea salt to their beer. Have you ever wondered why that is? Salt can make the beer crisper, so if you find yourself tasting a dull beer, add a pinch of salt to help revive it.

4. Mix Beer with Juice

You can add lemon juice to your beer, turning it into a shandy. You can add orange juice and make yourself a “beermosa”. The possibilities are endless. Adding any sort of sweet juice to a beer that feels too bitter will reduce the tartness and make it easy to drink.

5. Mix it with Soda

If you like the fizziness of beer but you don’t like the taste, then you can mix it with some soda. This will help make the beer taste sweeter, but it will also maintain the carbonation levels of the drink.

6. Make a Beer Cocktail

beer cocktails

The simplest option is to add some margarita mix to your beer to make a “Beergarita”. The sweet taste of the margarita will help lighten its bitter taste. If you’re drinking a Mexican lager that you find too plain, you can add some lime juice and salt and make a Classic Chelada, or add lime juice, salsa or tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce to make a Michelada. If you’re feeling creative the possibilities are endless. There are many ingredients that you already have in your kitchen that will help make a killer beer cocktail.

Make Beer Taste Better – Conclusion

Drinking is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, not a chore. There is no reason to keep drinking a drink that you don’t particularly enjoy when you can change it to match your taste. We hope that this article has given you some useful tips to help you uplift your beer.

How to Make Beer Taste Better

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