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Best Beer Near Me’s – Best Brown Ales of 2020:

Best Brown Ales Of 2020

Are you looking for the best beers of 2020? More specifically, are you looking for the best brown ales on the market. This is a look into Best Beer Near Me’s best beers of 2020. In this article you will find the Best Beers of 2020: Best Brown Ales. We all needed some good beer to get ourselves through this nut-punch of a year. As we continue our series of Best Beer Near Me’s Best, we look next at the Best Beer Near Me’s best Brown Ales of 2020. You can also check out our Best Pale Ales of 2020.

Best Beer Near Me’s Best Brown Ales of 2020

bridger brewing brown ale

Without further ado, here are Best Beer Near Me’s best beers of 2020, the Brown Ale edition.

This beer perfumes the glass with a nice blend of chocolate and carmel sweetness. The palate begins with a nice roasted malt that submits to vanilla held together by a nutty backbone that intensifies as you drink.

best beer near me's best brown ale

This beauty pours a chestnut brown that has exceptional head retention. The foam should last until the last sip with copious lacing. Super malty on the nose, hints of brown sugar and oatmeal, wet campfire, and the autumn. The palate is a dance floor for notes of toasted grain, roasted coffee, and brulee. There are hints of oak and tobacco with a nice lingering charred bitter finish.

best beer near me's best brown ale

Funky Buddha is a genuine badass brewery. French Toast is an absolute masterpiece. It pours a dark brown with a 2 finger head that fades much more quickly than the other two. The aroma is morning breakfast as maple and cinnamon beckon you to sit down for a monster serving of a breakfast staple. French Toast is medium-bodied and low on carbonation and skates on the thinner side of traditional brown ales, but man is it delicious.


best beer near me's best brown ales of 2020

If you’re looking for some tasty suds that is medium-bodied and satisfies, these brown ales are must-tries. These are the Best Beers of 2020: best brown ales. Grab a few, a circle with friends at an appropriate socially distanced length, and enjoy. These brown ales are favorites among beer festivals like GABF and World Cup as well as favorites around kitchen tables all over America. Cheers.

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