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Flake in Beer – What Is It?

Flake In Beer FI

Maybe you just heard the term “flaky” when talking about beer, maybe you came across a recipe calling for flaked barley or maybe you’ve always wondered why some brewers use flaked grains in their brews. No matter the case, you’ve come to the right place to find out everything about flake in beer. Stay with us until the end to find out what is flake in beer and why brewers use it.

What Is Flake in Beer?

Flakes in beer are cereal grains that have been processed in some way before being added to the brew, they have either been precooked or pregelatinized and then rolled into dried flakes.

Why Do Brewers Use Beer Flake?

They are very useful in helping brewers overcome many different obstacles that can occur during the brewing process. When making American-style lagers, brewers use a large amount of corn and rice flakes, accounting for up to 40% of the grain bill, to help lighten the body and flavor of the beer, providing a clean and crisp finished product.

Beer Flake Types

Oat flakes

Oat flakes can also be used to increase the mouthfeel, or body, of a beer. They usually comprise 2% to 20% of the grain bill when making oatmeal stouts or Belgian-style white ales. Rye flakes can also be used when making rye beers. They have a strong and peppery flavor which can provide the beer with a distinct character. Finally, although not that common, brewers can use barley and wheat flakes when making Irish stouts. They do so in order to add body to a beer that feels light on the palate. The beers that are made with the use of flakes can look a bit cloudy. However, for fans of craft beers, that’s never a problem.

Are you’re interested in the more technical aspects of why brewers use flaked grains? This is because they contain high levels of beta-glucans and proteins.

Are There Any Problems Caused by Flake in Beer?

glass of beer handed

Well, flakes are adjuncts, and like any adjunct, they can decrease the amount of foam in the beer which results in the need to add yeast nutrients to the brew, in order to ensure that the beer ferments fully. Also, as they are larger in size, they can make the lautering and filtration processes more difficult.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Beer

The popular brand of cereal has teamed up with a Manchester-based brewery, called the Seven Bro7thers Brewery to create a beer from leftover corn flakes. Big companies teaming up with craft brewers to improve sustainability while also making great beer, is something that we want to see.

Throw Away IPA

Nicknamed the “Throw Away IPA”. The craft brewery in Manchester makes beer using corn flakes that are too big, too small, overcooked, or somehow deemed unfit to make it to your cereal bowl. This beer, which is characterized as “corn flake golden” in color, helps keep unwanted cereal away from landfills.

Beer Flake – Conclusion

Using cereal flakes can improve certain characteristics of the brew. It can also provide us with a more environmentally friendly beer. We hope to see more companies following Kellogg’s initiative in the years to come and get to taste the end result.

Flake in Beer What Is It

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